Jesse Jacob Price

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Jesse Jacob Price received his undergraduate business training at New York University Stern School of Business in Manhattan where he was an Honors Research Scholar. Jesse concentrated in finance, statistics, mathematics and computer science and was a member of the Business Analytics Society. He has worked as a data research analyst for world-class thought leaders, such as Finance Professor Dr. Kose John, developing a proposal to be deployed on Ethereum blockchain via smart contact, and creating a Decentralized Finance method to audit the flow of funds and define investment parameters for hedge funds.

He also worked for renowned Statistics Professor Dr. Elynn Chen examining factor models using Principal Component Analysis to reduce dimensionality for forecasting stock return data and valuation. For several years, Jesse processed clinical data leading to international patents on a novel pharmaceutical for Autism Spectrum Disorder and created pitch material for angel investors. Jesse has worked internationally in investment banking and in data analytics where he innovated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for a personalized banking app, dissected transaction data, and contributed an analysis of time series. Jesse is the passionate leader and driving force behind the development of Saadia Pharmaceuticals recognizing the need to leverage novel, disruptive, and safe technologies to meet current healthcare challenges.

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